Posted by Diane Donaher on Aug 19, 2021
Hello !  
While we all Chart Our Course for an exciting Rotary year, I’d like to draw your attention to the “sail” of our ship.  The sail uses wind power to propel a ship.  Membership is the sail that propels Rotary.  We need a strong sail made of existing and new members and the wind of exciting service projects, meaningful friendships and foundation funding to propel Rotary forward.  District 7430 is a leader among districts throughout our zone because of the commitment and positive energy created by YOU, the members in our clubs.  
Being able to zoom in to club meetings across our district during the last year , I’ve been amazed by the quality of speakers, the genuine fun and caring members demonstrate for one another and the touching stories of the impactful projects being conducted throughout our district.   
The District Membership Committee acts as a consulting company made up of Rotarians from throughout our district who have experience in growing Rotary.  We also have goals that we will work on together as a committee:
  1. Be a resource for clubs to meet the membership goal they have set for the year
  2. Add 2 new clubs and 2 satellite clubs to our District
  3. Help clubs asses their membership challenges and create opportunities for growth through intentional efforts to be welcoming
  4. Deliver Diversity,Equity & Inclusion training in 13 clubs
  5. Build an understanding of “Alternative Club Models” so clubs can grow through new and creative ways.
Whether your sail is strong or it has a few holes or you are losing wind in your sail and membership is dropping, contact me and let’s talk about how the District Membership Committee can help your club enjoy the open waters and grow! I look forward to hearing from you!  
Diane Donaher, Membership Chair