Posted by Herb Klotz on Aug 16, 2021

Growing Membership in your club is a key initiative throughout Rotary this year and every year.  More members mean more ideas, more fellowship and of course, more service.  Growing membership involves both attracting new members and engaging our existing members so that they stay in Rotary.  Each club has its own culture and its primary focus for membership growth may be different.  Where should we start?

Over the next month, we will provide each club data on its 3-year historical attraction and attrition rates.  This will provide an unbiased indicator of what has been happening in your club over the last several years.  A recent comprehensive analysis of about 850 clubs in eastern United States has shown that clubs that are growing tend to continue to grow, and clubs that are declining tend to continue to decline in membership, unless the club members and its leadership change the club experience.

Now to the question “Where to focus our efforts?”  Let’s break it down into four areas:

  • Low Attrition Rate, High Attraction Rate – Your club has a growth culture.  Keep doing what you are doing and keep experimenting with new ways to grow your membership.

  • Low Attrition, Low Attraction – Your club is stable, but needs to focus on attraction activities because your club is likely getting older every year.

  • High Attrition, High Attraction – Your club has a revolving door and needs to focus on engaging your club members.  Keep up your attraction activities.

  • High Attrition, Low Attraction – Your club is in the Danger Zone.  The initial focus should be on engagement, and then focus on attraction.  

If you are interested in learning more, please contact District Membership Chair, Diane Donaher ( for a club presentation which will be customized for your club’s needs.