Posted on Sep 12, 2021

Rotary International District 7430 hosts a Four-Way Test Speech Contest (FWTSC) each year. Rotary Clubs throughout the District invite students from local high schools to compete. Students share perspectives on the Four-Way Test.  Each speech must be based on Herb Taylor’s famous statement on business ethics. "Of the things we think, say or do: 

1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?" 

Understanding, appreciating, and expressing the true meaning of the Four-Way Test is the most important aspect of each speech. While in our District students are asked to choose their own topic, some Districts ask students to incorporate Rotary’s annual theme.  This year the theme is “Serve to Change Lives”.  

District 7430 is divided into five regions with 8 to 10 clubs in each region.  Information on the clubs within each region and the individuals coordinating those clubs is provided on the District website.  Last year we went to a virtual format for all contests but 

this year we hope to return to in-person contests at all levels.  Usually we have 25 clubs participating so there is plenty of opportunity for growth.  If your club has not yet participated, make this the year that you give it a try.

The FWTSC provides clubs with an opportunity to introduce Rotary and our areas of focus to schools and the community.  In assembling a jury for the contest, clubs are encouraged to reach out to local Leaders and City Council members, Speech, Debate and Mock Trial Teachers and Coaches, Etc. to judge contests. By reaching out to the community for judges, community members become aware of the Rotary Four-Way Test and the Speech contest and that is a good thing.

The District 7430 FWTSC schedule is as follows: 

February 1st through March 31s: Club Level Contests 

April 2, 2022: Regional Contests

April 9, 2022: District Finals: First-place prize is $1000.  The four runners-up will receive prizes ranging from $500 to $150.

April 23, 2022: Multi-District Conference – The Four-Way Test finals have always been a highlight of the District Conference. This year the District conference is a collaborative effort of three Districts (7430, 7450[Philadelphia], 7475[New Jersey]). The champions from each of the three participating Districts will be invited to give their winning presentations. 

The contest promotes critical thinking and ethical decision making among high school students.   It provides a forum for high school students to showcase issues that they care about.   The contest encourages scholarship and academic research and it allows high school students to practice their public speaking skills.  Many times, the students’ thoughtful speeches unravel the complexities of Four-Way Tests in new and innovative ways.

Al Engel, Chair of the contest, is prepared to respond immediately to any questions you may have. , 973-216-1469., Past President – Souderton-Telford Club.