Inbox Zero?
When you send an email through ClubRunner, do you check your stats, to see how many of your club members are receiving and opening your emails? This is an important, even crucial, part of your public image work. What’s the point of taking hours putting together a bulletin or organizing an email campaign to your members if fewer than 2/3 of your email list will be reading your emails? (See image below for a stats report)
Within the last few months, ClubRunner has begun putting a warning on the home page of your website when you are logged in, after you click “Member Area,” letting you know that there are unresolved mailing errors. It looks like this:
Attention Needed: There are blocked emails that require your attention. As a result, some recipients may not be receiving emails. Review the Blocked Email list here.
It also appears on the District’s home page, so that I can see there are 42 pages of members in our district whose email addresses are blocked from receiving mail through ClubRunner. Some of those addresses have been blocked since 2016.
Some of the reasons for emails being blocked include names not being recognized by a business, probably because the member has changed jobs but did not update the email address. Many have marked Rotary email as spam. Several have spelling errors somewhere in the address. 
It would be a huge help to your club and your district if you cleaned up your club’s email list. During a meeting, ask your members to look at their profiles on CR and check their emails. If they have downloaded the CR mobile app, it shouldn’t take more than four minutes to complete. If they have listed Rotary email as spam, you may want to have another kind of discussion with the member; do they know they did that? Did they feel they get too many emails from your club? 
At the district level, we do try to keep the emails you receive to a minimum. If you are reading this, thank you. Your email is clear!
Marlene Heller
The Beacon