To assist the Rotary Clubs of District 7430, the following Suggested Guidelines should be considered and observed as we prepare and adjust for the return to meetings in the District.
These Suggested Guidelines are intended to assist clubs looking for guidance in conducting in-person meetings while no vaccine is available. In addition to the Suggested Guidelines, Clubs and our District are advised to follow all government guidelines and recommendations.  
Rotary International and Rotary District 7430 are observing the COVID-19 pandemic and assessing the potential impact on Rotary operations, events, and members.  Your health and safety are always our top priorities as in-person activities resume.
As this is a rapidly evolving situation, all guidance here is to be considered in light of the most recent orders of local, state and federal government. If governmental guidance is more stringent, follow the governmental orders. Reliable sources of COVID-19 information include the RI COVID19 Guidelines, the District 7430 Guidelines, executive orders of Governor Tom Wolfe & Dr Rachel Levine, and statements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization.
Our interest is protecting the health and safety of Rotarians. District 7430 wants our Rotarians to be connected and safe at the same time! Please consider and observe the following:
  • Arrange to continue holding the club meetings virtually until all local and state restrictions have been lifted.
  • Should in-person club meetings be held, clubs may want to consider live-streaming the meeting or recording it to accommodate members who are not in attendance. Other meeting alternatives may also be considered.
  • Confirm that in-person club meetings and events follow local government recommendations.
  • Confirm that your meeting venue is open and available for the in-person meeting.
  • Determine if the meeting venue has their own regulations and/or restrictions pertaining to group meetings. (For example: some venues may not allow for groups of more than a set number of individuals to meet and/or require that individuals be seated at least six (6) feet apart.)
  • No in-person club meetings or events will be considered mandatory for any Rotary club member who is uncomfortable attending and attendance is excused without requiring any reason.
  • Masks are encouraged to be worn at all in-person club meetings and events.
  • Hand sanitizer should be provided at all in-person club meetings and events.
  • Request that no personal contact occur between members, including, by example only, shaking hands, hugging, and kissing.
  • The Rotary meeting speaker(s) should be provided a "no contact" buffer of six (6) feet or more.
If a member is diagnosed with or feels he or she may be ill from COVID-19, that Rotarian shall (a) not participate in any Rotary event that involves a personal appearance at the event and (b) report the diagnosis or symptoms the Rotarian supervising any program in which the member has participated in-person within fourteen (14) days before the diagnosis or occurrence of symptoms.
  • Please be advised that beginning July 1st, 2020 the insurance coverage provided by Rotary International for clubs and districts may not cover COVID-19 related liabilities.
 NOTE: These overriding guidelines are solely for the health and safety of our Rotary club members.
District 7430 will continue to host meetings and events virtually and will not be hosting any in-person meetings and in-person events at this time.