Streams and Waterways Projects

Our streams and rivers need volunteers to help with many types of projects.  This is particularly the case in urban, suburban, and agricultural settings. 

The planting of riparian buffers along waterways help to preserve water quality and fisheries.   Riparian buffers serve many important physical, biological, and ecological functions.  They keep the water cooler and prevent erosion of stream banks and the washing of soils from agricultural lands into the streams.  They help to protect drinking water supplies and delicate fisheries.

Volunteers can help with monitoring water quality in local creeks and rivers, as well.  There are formal programs established to train and manage monitors, or you can start your own program.

Rotary clubs, partnering with watershed associations, Trout Unlimited chapters, and fishing clubs can bring big positive changes to local waterways.


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Environmental Resources

This list contains many national, state, and local organizations, including watershed associations, Trout Unlimited Chapters, and state agencies.