Story Telling and Press Releases

Every Rotarian has a story. Why you joined, why you stay, how your involvement, your service, or your friends add to your life – it’s all there.

Why tell it? Because it gives outsiders like me a chance to learn about what Rotary means to you. Because you can raise funds more effectively if you tell a powerful story about why those funds matter. And because you can strengthen your bonds with other Rotarians and deepen your club’s sense of community by telling a story that touches you all.

Is your life richer because of Rotary? Has it enabled you to travel to someplace fascinating? Given you a window into a different side of your own town? Let you participate in a service project that changed someone’s world? 


Those are the reasons you should tell your story.  Click here for tips on storytelling.


Why Should a Rotary Club Still Send Press Releases?
Organizations of all sizes use press releases to achieve all sorts of goals. Some common objectives include:
  • To get media coverage. This would be when your company releases a new product or feature.
  • To build your Club’s reputation. Maybe you’re re-launching your brand image and want more people to know.
  • To manage a crisis. When things go wrong, it's often beneficial to break the story yourself first.
  • To build back-links from trusted media sites. 
  • As a cost-effective way to market your organization. A well-written press release can help garner public attention, build community support, and even help attract members.
The best tip we can give you for Press Releases is to use the tips provided on this page to help you prepare professional press releases that can practically go right into the newspaper without being rewritten!
Another Tip:  The smaller “regional” papers are amazing. They are all owned by one press. So if the editor likes the story they actually run it in all of them. Sometimes they hold a press release for a few months till they put it in, so be patient and start early.